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Heart of Darkness, Emotion and Your Career

Jan 25, 2022

Use emotion to connect with others; establishing a strong connection with others forges a bond that can profoundly impact your career. Connect with everyone around you in your business and personal lives rather than assuming that you know what they want, and you will see both ...

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The Hidden Force of Ego: How an Unchecked Ego Damages the Lives and Careers of So Many Attorneys

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

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  • The happiest and most successful attorneys are often surprised when their success comes.
  • You will do better when you stop prioritizing how things make you look and feel.
  • When you remove yourself from the equation and just concentrate on what you can do, that feels right and makes you and others happy.
  • Too many people base their lives and careers on others' opinions, withdraw when they do not get the feedback they want, or keep pushing to get more and more approval to their ultimate detriment.