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The Old Man, the Radiator Shop, and Integrity

Jun 25, 2022

Opportunity used the wrong way can destroy everything. Cheating, even in small ways, can add up to cause ruinous damage. You must account for every action you take with your employer and in your life, and realize that every action carries consequences. With so much invested in ...

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10 Factors That Matter to Big Law Firms More Than Your Law School

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

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These 10 Factors Matter More Than Where You Went to Law School

  1. Your Previous (On the Job) Training
  2. How You Did in Law School
  3. Your Practice Area
  4. How Long You Stay in Your Legal Jobs and Stability
  5. The Amount of Business You Have
  6. Your Reputation
  7. Your Interest in Your Practice Area and Involvement in the Community
  8. Your Looks, Dress, and Personality
  9. Your Racial and Social Background
  10. Your Commitment to Working in a Law Firm

Summary: There are far more important factors law firms look at if you want to practice law for a long period of time with a good firm than the law school you went to.