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Strategy, Symbolism, and Your Career

Apr 20, 2021

For several decades, Kaiser Permanente, a large HMO based in Oakland, California, has spent tens of millions of dollars annually advertising on television, in magazines, and various other media.  Kaiser, like other HMOs, traditionally promoted itself with the sorts of images ...

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How the "Invisible Hand" Operates in Law Firm Employment Decisions: The Top 12 Most Important Factors Firms Consider When Hiring (and Firing) Attorneys

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

  • There are 12 very important factors that firms consider when hiring or firing attorneys.
  • First, they consider an attorney's motivation and drive to work in their firm.
  • Second, they consider their ability to generate business.
  • Third, they consider how manageable or controllable the attorney is.
  • Continue reading to discover other factors firms consider in hiring or firing.

Summary: Learn how law firms and attorneys maximize their own self-interest in the hiring process and the most important factors that law firms consider when hiring.