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The Importance of Encouragement

Oct 20, 2021

In this article Harrison discusses the importance of encouragement. If you look at most successful people, somewhere in their background there is someone cheering for them and believing in what they can accomplish. When people take the time to encourage and believe in us, they ...

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Why Law Firms Lawyers Must Work Weekends and Holidays: Law Firms Own Your Time and You Do Not

By Harrison Barnes, Managing Director

  • In the law practice, it is important for an associate to show his or her superiors that their job is more than just a job.
  • It instead is almost a lifestyle.
  • This is why attorneys who want to prove their capability, as well as that their work is more than just a job, work on weekends and holidays.

To be clear, this article is going to deal with, and encourage, some rather inhumane truths about practicing law in law firms. I cannot tell you how many associate careers I have seen ruined by the wrong attitude when it comes to working weekends and holidays. While you may consider working in a law firm ''just a job,'' if you telegraph that message to your superiors, you will be in trouble quite quickly. In order to really thrive in a law firm, your work must be far, far more than just a job. There is no better way to let your superiors know that your work is more than just a job than working on the weekend and working during the holidays. To get ahead, you must do this. You certainly do not need to work every weekend and holiday. Nevertheless, working on Saturdays and Sundays should not be something you make a major effort to avoid.