Poor disciplinary record

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Poor disciplinary record

Postby Blue12 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:44 pm

I’m going to be applying to law school in the fall, however my disciplinary record with my school is pretty bad. Before I start, I have a decent GPA, 3.63, and LSAT score of 161. I also plan on disclosing everything on my application, I’m just worried about how it will effect my addmission

I have a possession of alcohol charge from 3 years ago, which was expunged in court but it is on my university record still.

Now, the difficult part. For about a year I was in a physically absuive relationship, which was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through. The university helped me get a no contact order against this person and got me the help I needed to move on from this terrible time. However, during this period, I made some really poor decisions. One night after drinking I was locked out of my abusers house and was charged with disorderly conduct on my walk home. I know it was my completely my fault for choosing to drink underage, and I accept fully responsibility for that. This charge was expunged with the court, but I got a second alcohol charge on my record with the university.

About a month later I was still in this toxic relationship, and I became really depressed. I started taking drugs that I’d never taken before. I realized how much my life was spiraling out of control and went to see a therapist the university had suggest after my second alcohol charge. I willingly took a drug test that I wasn’t required to take because I truly wanted to be open and honest with this therapist. I really wanted to get myself out of the horrible life I was living. This drug test was sent back to the university with my consent. I had no idea at the time but this would result in another alcohol charge on my student record, a failed drug charge on my student record and a drug consumption charge on my student record.

Of course I know that each of those charges are completely my fault, and my circumstances aren’t an excuse for the way I behaved. It’s been 2 years since these infractions, and I’be completed all my sanctions with the university. However, I fear that these charges will prevent me from getting into the law schools I want to go to. I’m not really comfortable sharing my circumstances at the time in my law school application. I’m also scared that will come across as an excuse. How bad will my student record affect my chances of getting into a decent law school?


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Re: Poor disciplinary record

Postby cavalier1138 » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:47 pm

I don't think these will prevent you from getting into law school. You'll definitely need to write an addendum explaining the situation. You'll want it to be shorter and more to-the-point than what you wrote here, but I would definitely mention the abusive relationship as an aggravating factor. As long as you take responsibility (as you clearly have), the relationship is extremely important in establishing why you had a pattern of problems and why any school should believe that you've truly moved past that. Without that context, these are really recent infractions/offenses and make you look like a college student who can't stop drinking/doing drugs.


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Re: Poor disciplinary record

Postby rmang3@gmail.com » Tue Feb 26, 2019 5:53 pm

I'm not sure why you don't want to share these details on your application. I understand it being embarrassing and something you would like to forget, but I think in the context you provide here, these incidents seem pretty minor. Lots of people engage in underage alcohol or drug use even without extenuating circumstances. For the most part in collecting this information law schools are screening to make sure you will not be ineligible for the bar later rather than to make a value judgement about you.

You should be aware that what you provide on law school application is provided to bar examiners. You should also be aware you have to give them access to your undergraduate student record too. If you don't disclose something you should have, it will make even a small issue a big issue for bar admission. I would get a copy of your undergraduate student record to make sure there is nothing there which you overlooked and could cause a problem.

There are some things you cannot candor your way out of, but, in general, candor and demonstrating that you took responsibility for your actions and worked to correct the problem goes along way.

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