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Welcome to, a free and valuable resource to assist law school applicants, students, and graduates.

The defining feature of this site is the TLS forums which historically has been focused primarily on law school applicants with discussion forums such as the law school admissions forum, the LSAT prep forum, the personal statement forum, and the choosing a law school forum. However, over the years the forums for law school students and graduates have become quite popular as well especially the bar prep forum, the legal employment forum, and the forum for law school students. A couple of other noteworthy forums are the law school graduates only forum (verification of graduate status required) and the TLS lounge (registration required).

Below are some recent posts and topics that highlight the publicly visible activity on the TLS forums (click here to view latest posts).

Law School Applicants

The Official September 2018 Study Group (47) -   in: LSAT Prep and Discussion Forum

LSAC GPA Calculation (2) -   in: Law School FAQ

What chance do I have at UChicago, Yale, Cornell and UVA? (3) -   in: Under Represented Law Student Forum

Considering doing duel J.D. & M.S. in Computer Science (9) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

3.8 GPA 166 LSAT - t 14? (2) -   in: What are my chances?

2.7 GPA, shooting for 168-170 LSAT (9) -   in: What are my chances?

Should I still sit for the September LSAT? (12) -   in: LSAT Prep and Discussion Forum

Does anyone here actually enjoy being a lawyer? (53) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

Harvard Student(s) Answering Your Questions (8661) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

Why am I annoyed by this? (4) -   in: Law School Personal Statements

Lewis and Clark Law school - worth it? (4) -   in: Law School Admissions Forum

LONG POST! Non-traditional student, 3.8 GPA (3) -   in: What are my chances?

Seriously reconsider (46) -   in: Choosing a Law School

Need Advice for Patent Law (1) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

Interested in patent law, but don't have the background (8) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

UVA Law Students Taking Questions (11139) -   in: Ask a Law Student / Graduate

ScoreItUp (13) -   in: What are my chances?

AA-male w/177 July LSAT HYS/T14 Chances?? (30) -   in: Under Represented Law Student Forum

Law Students

Taking vacation in early December during stub year (2) -   in: Forum for Law School Students

Texas Law c/o 2020 - Hook 'em!!! [Under New Management] (748) -   in: TLS Class of 2020 Forum

Would it be worth trying for a Circuit clerkship? (13) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Citing your student note in an opinion (6) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Lateral Conflicts of Interest (2) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

Law Related or Legal Themed Dog Names (10) -   in: Forum for Law School Students

JD Roadmap Podcast (1) -   in: Forum for Law School Students

Clerkship Consulting (1) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

GULC/Georgetown RD 2018 (class of 2020) (103) -   in: Transfers

Proximity to campus? [Living situation during school] (4) -   in: Forum for Law School Students

Let's talk 11th Circuit! (246) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

First Impressions 2018 (11) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

I want my grades! (5) -   in: Transfers

Let's talk 2nd Circuit! (161) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

State & Local? (8) -   in: Judicial Clerkships

0L Prep Advice from a 3L (5) -   in: Forum for Law School Students

When to check in after COA interview (7) -   in: Judicial Clerkships


Sidley (NY) v. Hogan (NY) v. Milbank (NY) (5) -   in: Legal Employment

Houston OCI, Callbacks, Offers (173) -   in: Legal Employment

US Biglaw with Canadian Law Degree? (14) -   in: Legal Employment

DPW vs. Simpson vs. PW vs. Skadden vs. Weil (NY Corporate) (5) -   in: Legal Employment

STB v. LW v. K&E Houston or V&E Dallas (2) -   in: Legal Employment

Dechert Philly Litigation (4) -   in: Legal Employment

Perkins Coie “still reviewing” email (4) -   in: Legal Employment

COA clerk advice? (1) -   in: Legal Employment

AT THIS POINT, I MAY JUST GIVE UP (10) -   in: Legal Employment

Kirkland v. Debevoise (NY office) (8) -   in: Legal Employment

Commute to NYC (4) -   in: Legal Employment

Should I mass mail NY? (1) -   in: Legal Employment

Wachtell v. Boies for lit (26) -   in: Legal Employment

DC Offers/Dings (77) -   in: Legal Employment

Which law firm should my friend pick? (2) -   in: Legal Employment

Bad Interview Moments (1888) -   in: Legal Employment

S&C (NY) v. Deb (NY) (5) -   in: Legal Employment

NY Offers (527) -   in: Legal Employment

BC/BU OCI 2018 (41) -   in: Legal Employment

I just got an email from NYS BOLE re: admission requirements from this exam (33) -   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum

GULC EIW 2018 (398) -   in: Legal Employment

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