3.5 164 Reapply Chances?

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3.5 164 Reapply Chances?

Postby lt1996 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:43 am

Last cycle with 3.49 and 164, non-URM, non-US citizen, I got waitlisted by Emory/BU/BC/Fordham. I applied really late, just around the deadline...so I guess that's a problem. I had my fourth take of LSAT this September but I don't think my score will rise. We'll see.

This cycle with 3.5 and 164 (if no improvement in the Sept LSAT), plus 1 year work experience in a small law firm in the US. Do you think I have a decent chance of getting into those schools that waitlisted me last cycle??

Not gonna retake the LSAT. No scholarship is fine. Thanks everyone!

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