Chance me. 171 international student

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Chance me. 171 international student

Postby cathy951107 » Sun Aug 19, 2018 1:46 am

Hello everyone,

I am an international student, so my GPA number would not matter. It would be AA (Above Average), which should be equal to 3.6-3.8.
My lsat (first take) is 171.

What are my chances?
Now the schools I am considering applying are: Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, NYU, U of Michigan, UC Berkeley, Duke, Northwestern, Cornell, Georgetown, UT Austin, UCLA and WUSTL.

The last two schools will be my “safety schools”. Should I apply for more schools to ensure that I can go to one next fall?

By the way, I see many people say that they are the first to go to university in their family. I am, too. However, is this worth talking about in PS?


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