3.0 uGPA, aiming for a 170 LSAT

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3.0 uGPA, aiming for a 170 LSAT

Postby Gilamath » Mon Aug 06, 2018 2:56 am

First half of college was marred by undiagnosed clinical depression. I got a diagnosis, started dealing with it, and grades have come up to As and a couple Bs. PTs are indicating that I’ll get somewhere around 170-ish; have a month to try to improve before the test this September, as well. I’m ethnically Pakistani, but I don’t believe that qualifies for urm status. Double-major in Poli Sci and Philosophy. President of my mock trial program, and my school’s philosophy club. Coming up on 10 years’ public speaking experience, for what that’s worth. I don’t know that it matters, but my non-LSAC uGPA is notably higher than my LSAC uGPA, as I retook a bunch of classes I’d failed while my depression was running rampant and got all As and A+s upon retaking them, so my school counts those instead of the originals. I’m looking at places like Vandy, BU, and GULC right now. What’s the damage?

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