2.6 uGPA, High 170s. Who'll take me?

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2.6 uGPA, High 170s. Who'll take me?

Postby StVitus » Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:06 pm

Stats in the subject line-- uGPA is mostly A's and B's with the occasional C and a fair number of F's. Got in personal trouble during college after a friend passed away-- Dean's list first semester (before he passed away) and last semester (when I straightened my shit out). Did a lot of drinking, haven't touched alcohol since. Undergrad at William and Mary in Economics and English. Taking the June LSAT, and my last 3 practice test scores have been 176, 178, 175. Not a URM.

Graduated in 2016, have been successfully employed at a large corporate since then-- been promoted, got certs, etc.

My boss would write an excellent letter of rec, as would a professor from undergrad with whom I took one class during the bad period and one class my final semester.

I'm from NJ, would like to do BigLaw in an east coast city (preferably NY) but understand that both the NY schools are probably out of reach.

Do I have a reasonable chance at any of the T14, Rutgers, or Seton Hall? I understand that NYC firms will sometimes take the best students at the latter two. I'd happily practice in DC, too-- I had another professor whose classes I aced who worked at the DoJ. Any advice would be appreciated, will happily provide any requested additional info.

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