2.67 UGPA, 3.7 GradGPA, 164 LSAT

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2.67 UGPA, 3.7 GradGPA, 164 LSAT

Postby Alng5414 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:09 am

Hey all,

A little about me. I'm about 4 years removed from my undergraduate degree. I don't have huge excuses for my poor gpa, except that I worked full time to pay off my degrees. I double majored in Bio and English.

Fast forward and I've finished my MA in English with a higher GPA, which I know doesn't really factor into adcom decisions.

My softs aren't great, and my WE is limited and irrelevant to law.

I know I'll have good LOR and a PS, and the only addenda I'll have will be the one explaining my UGPA and another to explain a small hiccup in my graduate gpa.

My questions are the following:

Should I even bother applying to law school? The ones I'm interested in are CU Boulder for their environmental program, Northwestern, Fordham, UCI and UCD.

Should I include the graduate gpa addendum? I was diagnosed with terminal disease, but continued with my education.


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