Chances / Is a June LSAT Re-Take Worth It? SPLITTER 169/3.4

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Chances / Is a June LSAT Re-Take Worth It? SPLITTER 169/3.4

Postby ChutzpahSaxa15 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:35 pm

Splitter here, interested in public interest (education law), ultimately working in DC for a PI org. or for government.

I wrote an addendum explaining medical issues that trashed my GPA. I think my softs are very strong (3 yrs WE/TFA, lots of service experience, etc), but I guess it's hard to know that for sure.

I've already been accepted to:
Michigan (w/ 45K)
Wash U (w/ 144K)
Emory (w/ 117K)
GW (w/ 105K)

and am still waiting to hear from many of those in terms of merit aid.

Still waiting on the rest of the T-14 and am wondering if there are any schools that are particularly splitter friendly or not splitter friendly, for that matter. What do you think?

I imagine the shot at HYS is rather slim, and might be borderline for NYU. Therefore, if I get waitlisted (or to raise my scholly where I've already been accepted), would it be worth it to retake the June LSAT? Or in terms of raising scholarship - would that probably be covered by need-based aid or LRAP? Advice??


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Re: Chances / Is a June LSAT Re-Take Worth It? SPLITTER 169/3.4

Postby icechicken » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:47 pm

Congrats on the solid cycle so far!

June re-take could prove very worthwhile. Columbia/NYU prefer their splitters in the mid-high 170s and Michigan/Northwestern might loosen their purses a bit. Any of those four outcomes would be a substantial upgrade given your goals.

If you improve your score in June but still don't end up with a cheaper T14 option (Columbia's LRAP counts, IMO, but I'm no expert on that topic), I would strongly consider reapplying next cycle. It sounds like the back half of your resume is only going to get stronger in the meantime and you'll find it a lot easier to pursue your desired career without crushing debt.

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