How does GPA matter for International students?

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Re: How does GPA matter for International students?

Postby Hand » Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:12 am

Oatmeal_Me wrote:
hereisonehand wrote:
Also, citizen or not, with a foreign undergraduate degree, you're presumably in the same boat as everyone else without a reportable GPA.

"Reportable" means none of the law schools report GPAs from foreign institutions?

Correct - they don't report them to the ABA or to USNWR. So for most purposes, the quality of your undergraduate record won't matter, at least not anywhere close to how much it matters for US students. They will still be somewhat interested though - one presumably shouldn't show up with an 'average' ranking, but beyond, I don't really know.

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Re: How does GPA matter for International students?

Postby appind » Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:54 pm

janborn wrote:All the tools helping estimate chances of acceptation by law schools take GPA as an important factor, but for international students surely GPA doesn't mean exactly the same as for US applicants.
I'm Chinese, got a JM degree, and I'm planning to apply for fall 2015 with numbers of 165/3.2. Numbers are relatively low, especially when there are so many 170+/3.8+ in the forum, but I'm wondering how US law schools will judge my GPA? Is it acceptable?

And I'm hoping to be accepted by a T20...



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Re: How does GPA matter for International students?

Postby DolnaRay » Thu May 10, 2018 6:12 am

Ineedapillow wrote:OP I am an international student too but I don't need work sponsor.
As to your undergrad GPA, it doesn't matter at all.
However, if you want to stay at US after law school, you must get a big law job because those are only firms would sponsor you. Yes you can get OPI, but no firm would hire someone can only stay there for several months.
So you need to get into a top law school, T-14 is definitely necessary, you need to improve your LSAT, 170 is not enough, especially that is the only thing the law school admission would look at.
Don't think your international background is a valuable asset especially for firms have oversea offices. True story: a friend of mine (who is also Chinese) went to interview with a big firm for a position requiring speaking mandarin, he thought being Chinese gives him great advantage , but turn out there are over 30 t-14 mandarin speaking law student competing for that position.
Good luck, PM me if you have more questions, I am very happy to help.

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Re: How does GPA matter for International students?

Postby ivankinghk » Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:59 pm

not sure if international student admission will count towards ranking, but i know many international students (mostly Chinese, some even with PRC bar) with worse numbers than yours and got into T10 or better. In the case of LLM, it's even easier.

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