LSAT Retake? Advice

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LSAT Retake? Advice

Postby VJR16 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:32 am


I am thinking about the feasibility of re-taking/ the value of doing so, and would like some input.
I am already a splitter, with current stats 173/ 3.4.

- Cold tested 161
- Studied for the LSAT intensely for 6-8 weeks (worked part time, but other than that studied all the time), took the test a few days after my LSAT course finished
- Was increased my score leading up to my test day (ie. scores 169 for a while, then 2x 171, 1x 172, then wrote and got a 173)

I was wondering if you think that given the fact that I never plateaued, that I should consider rewriting, as well as if scoring a 175+ would significantly affect my chances (T14). I would LOVE a shot at HLS, but am unsure if, given my GPA, even a high 170s would help me there substantially.

Thanks for any input (:


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Re: LSAT Retake? Advice

Postby albanach » Tue Feb 05, 2019 1:24 pm

There's almost no meaningful stats, but MyLSN does suggest a slight boost from getting a higher LSAT.

If you have the energy to keep studying and you find yourself testing in the high 170s, then retaking might make sense for you. If you're not consistently testing in the high 170s, I wouldn't risk having the lower score.

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