Individual Study After Testmasters Live Prep Course?

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Individual Study After Testmasters Live Prep Course?

Postby AvgUndergrad » Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:11 pm

Is it more advantageous to take the LSAT immediately after the Testmasters live prep course on June 3rd, as opposed to taking the prep course, followed by individual study (for the purpose of taking more full length tests) until July 29th?

Sort of a vague question, but just curious as to whether or not the course is geared towards taking the LSAT immediately after.


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Re: Individual Study After Testmasters Live Prep Course?

Postby Blueprint LSAT » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:13 pm

I can't speak specifically to Testmasters (I teach for Blueprint) but I would say that you are generally more likely to benefit from time to consolidate what you learn from a prep course and drill concepts/develop "muscle memory" than you are to forget what you learned. At least over the time period that you mentioned in your post.

It has been my experience that prep course timing/scheduling is what it is much more because people have busy lives and only have a few months to dedicate to prep than it is because studying intensely for 2-3 months then immediately taking the course is optimal. That isn't to say it is bad to take the test right away, I just think that if you can afford the extra month (and really will study rather than just taking a break and letting it all run out your ears :D ) that is awesome and you should take advantage.

One caveat, though. Just adding full exams might not be optimal either. You can probably maximize that time by drilling concepts you are still struggling with and taking lots of individual sections to make sure you have your timing plan down on each one. You definitely want to be accustomed to taking full exams, but they are not the optimal way to study if that is all you do.

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