Chance to Improve to 162 By Jan Test?

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Chance to Improve to 162 By Jan Test?

Postby Another0Ler » Wed Dec 19, 2018 3:43 pm

Hey all. Very first test I ever took I got a 152, actual LSAT from 2016. Got 154 this past Nov. 5 weeks left on lawschooli's schedule with most of the preptests to go through still, hoping to get at least 162 if not 163 or 164 to hopefully grab full tuition at U of I. Willing to pay COL but am not going to law school for anything less than full tuition, too risky. So I'm going from 154 to 162, highest PT so far has been 159 but only one. Also have gotten 157, but generally have been in mid-150s. Just a matter of time?


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