nontrad. ugrad--late 2019 or 2020 LSAT

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nontrad. ugrad--late 2019 or 2020 LSAT

Postby platetoe » Sun Dec 16, 2018 4:55 am

Some background: 27, AA with a 2.81 cgpa, first generation student, caucasian, transferring to public R1 university next semester, undecided major at Junior standing (63 credits). Single. No kids. Open availability for relocation after ugrad.

To keep it short, the only type of cold LSAT I've completed to this point is the recent Khan Academy + LSAC test prep -- which I rushed through and answered half-assed due to trying to stay under the soft time limit -- and scored an awful 136. It is terrible but I know that I can do better, especially with effective planning for a retest. One worry is the past cGPA as that is a result of a couple retakes (bio, cst) and a 2-3 C's (macro, cst, health). Will these early grades come back to haunt me for my LSAC gpa? Currently leaning towards a polisci/public admin & english degree so future GPA shouldn't be too much of a problem to keep up.

Going forward, there's no way I can sit in March and anything right after will not give me enough time to (1) raise my test score enough without having to retest 2+ times or (2) to establish any sort of real transformative grade changes. So this sets me up for the Sept or Nov exam for the most realistic chance at a decent score. Note: I'm not hesitant to put it off until very early 2020 if need be. How should I utilize the next 6/8+ months of studying to hope for a 20+ point increase?

My work experience is mostly in healthcare (assisted living, behavioral, memory care, CNA) so health law would be my ideal goal. I thought of PI but at this point, especially with the debt I may have, it probably isn't ideal. With that said, entry level govt position or major health systems would be my next choices due to steady income and QOL. Am I on thinking about this correcting?

Without knowing the exact stats I'll end up with, I have one T10 university in my home state. Would like to look at Georgetown, Boston, NYU -- and to an extent, any other T20 with decent placement for a paper pusher position to provide for myself. Would anything lower that's not a full ride be worth it at an age of ~30?

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