Large score variation

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Large score variation

Postby Zolo Boi Supreme » Wed Oct 24, 2018 5:43 pm

I am taking the LSAT in November and I am seeing a large variation in my scores. I took a small break a month ago and when I came back I scored a 168 (on a PT from the 70s). My last two prep tests have scored 163 and 159. When I do a blind review I score a 174 consistently. Timing does pose a problem at times but I think this is related more to my stress during the test. I noticed that when I do a LG section during a full PT I can freeze on simple games but if I were to do the section by itself and timed I consistently miss 0-2.

I know that these variations tend to go away with more practice and drilling but I've been studying close to 8 months and I continue to see a lack in consistency. Has anyone else had a similar issue? What would be the best way to go about fixing this? When I've looked up this problem before people say practice makes it go away and my tutor said the same but I think there might be a deeper problem I'm not aware of.

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