173+ not testing until January. What should I do?

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173+ not testing until January. What should I do?

Postby Tommiahipp » Fri Oct 12, 2018 10:44 pm

Hi all,

First, thanks up front for the replies. I am curious to see what you all come up with.

I have been PTing between 173 - 177 for my last 5 practice tests. I think my absolute floor is probably 170. I have aced every section at one point or another in my prep thus far, and my score usually hinges on a good RC section. I am pretty much consistently -3 to -5 total on LR, ace games, and -1 to -4 on RC. There are no obvious patterns in my errors on LR, I basically just get a really hard question or two wrong that my brain could not process right at the time. I still have the 25 most recent PTs to do. So I will be doing PTs 2-3x per week for the next 3 months but I am curious as to what I can be doing in between tests to push my score to the 177-180 range.

I am studying abroad this semester and won't be able to take the test until January. My question is, what should I be doing to grab those last few points on my test? Anyone else ever been in this situation? I am thinking about starting to do PTs with maybe 33:00 / section instead of 35:00 just to keep making it more difficult so test day will feel that much easier.

Thanks again. Looking for any and all creative ideas.

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