Should I retake the LSAT in November? (171)

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Should I retake the LSAT in November? (171)

Postby ghlemley » Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:57 pm

So I just got my September LSAT score back today, and I made a 171 (98th percentile). The only reason I ask is that I consistently scored around 175-176 on my practice tests, and I had a whole litany of things go wrong for me on test day (my tire blew on the way, my printer stopped working the night before, etc.). My GPA is 4.02, and I have good recommendations, but I really want to be a solid candidate at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, etc.

Is it worth it to retake? Or would any improvement in my score be negated by the fact that I would have to wait two more months to apply?

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