practice LSAT scores stalled at 168, need help/advice

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practice LSAT scores stalled at 168, need help/advice

Postby 996ttderm » Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:22 pm

My wife is preparing to take the LSAT. We live in Dallas. She has been at it for maybe 9 months now. She needs a 170 or better. She has taken around 35 practice tests. She has taken the Kaplan live course which she said sucked. Apparently the instructor himself scored only in the mid 160s on his LSAT. She also took the LSAT prep class offered at SMU, given down the street from our home. As I recall the instructor’s LSAT score was 167. Additionally, she has devoted on average 7 hours each day for the past 8 months to studying in library LSAT prep materials - at first Kaplan (which she finished in its entirety) and for the past 3-4 months 7Sage. She has the 7Sage ultimate package and has completed maybe a third of the questions. She’s doing the blind review as recommended by so many in these forums, with the exception of only blind reviewing the questions that she gets wrong or those she finds challenging. She is accessing the online 7Sage materials.

Over the past month she has plateaued at 167-168 on her practice LSATs. Consequently we are postponing her taking the LSAT until September 8 so as to get her score up. She needs a 170 to have confidence that she will get into the schools (in NYC or Boston) that would justify the family picking up and following her to law school. Money is no object.

She has no background in law and my background is in medicine (I am a physician and am prepared to give up 500k/year practice to follow her), so we have nobody to ask for advice.

If we could find a qualified tutor here in Dallas we would definitely employ him or her. Not sure how to find this individual. We are at the point where we can’t waste time in her LSAT preparation. There are more classes that she could take but the quality of instruction in the previous classes has been wanting. My gut tells me that is because Dallas (probably all of Texas) is a legal education wasteland. We have talked about her taking a live class in NYC or Boston and she is willing to commute there weekly for the next 6 weeks, the thinking being that the quality of instruction would be better.

What is the advice of the group? How should we approach this? Really need a plan other than to keep doing what she is doing. Also, if anybody could recommend a good tutor (even a tutor in Austin) then that would be helpful (but need a tutor who scored 99%ile). Much thanks for advice.

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