Advice: Best next step to take?

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Advice: Best next step to take?

Postby CR7fanboy » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:37 am

Hello. I’m an international student who is studying full-time for the LSAT and will be taking it on 14th Oct. I need some advice as to how should I proceed from here.

My cold diagnostic was 154. After going through the LSAT Trainer over 3 weeks, I took the PT 67 untimed and scored a 166 (RC: -4, LR: -3, LG: -3, LR: -6) on it.

As most of the advice on the forum recommends locking down LG first so I started the LG Bible and am currently in my second week with it. I should be done with it in 7-8 days. In the drill questions within the Bible, I’m scoring -0/-1 with timing still being an issue.

In order to avoid burnout, I take Sunday off and quit studying every day at 7 pm maximum. I start usually around 9 am and take multiple breaks throughout the day while studying.

Once I’m done with the LG Bible, would it be better to move on to the LR Bible & get done with it or follow the Fool-Proof 7Sage method (with 5 repetitions for every game instead of the recommended number of 10) for LGs? If I go for the latter, I’d probably couple it with a section each of LR and RC in the evening followed by blind review for everyday. Please recommend. Thank you so much!

P.S. I am aiming for a 173+ score, ideally.

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