Trends in scores

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M evanz

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Trends in scores

Postby M evanz » Mon May 21, 2018 8:03 pm

Hello there,

I was wondering if a 5 point increase in 12 days is typical for someone studying for the LSAT?

A little background/helpful information:
-150 to 155
-About 3/5 into Mike Kim's LSAT Trainer (which I absolutely love) plus Mike is a great guy---emailed me the next day after asking him a question.
-Haven't used anything other than The Trainer. (yet)
-Put in 33 hours week #1 and am currently on track to completing 30-35 hrs week #2.
-I have lurked the hell out of these forums and have a really efficient 4 month study plan, in my opinion.

-First exam by section:
LR: -13
LR: -12
LG: -12
RC: -11

-Second exam by section:
LR: -11

So, based off personal experience or hearing from others, how am I looking? I really thought I was going to do better on LR/RC but as I'm going through these missed answers, I would say about 50-60 percent of them I narrowed it down between the correct and another answer but ended up choosing the wrong one. I can definitely see myself getting to a point of -0 on LG but I'm really going to have to focus on strengthening my reasoning skills if I want to reach my goal of a 170+

Any other advice or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated, the LSAT grind is real!


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Re: Trends in scores

Postby Ru55e115p4r4d0x » Wed May 30, 2018 10:15 pm

A five point increase in 12 days is large, but is also highly dependent on the score range you're in. For example, if you're at 172 and you jump to 177, that's pretty big in 12 days. A 172 shows near-mastery of the material, and it's very hard to improve by a large margin from there. But at the 150s range (and to a lesser extent, the 160s), a large portion of mistakes are easily fixed through simply learning the content, and thus jumps are much less difficult to make/more common. Don't be surprised when your improvement starts slowing down in those upper ranges.

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