5 Unused preptests for sale (best offer)

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5 Unused preptests for sale (best offer)

Postby DKM » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:40 pm

I just posted this in the buy/sell/trade forum but I don't know how much action that sees. Forgive me if I'm breaking the rules.

Well I'm not taking the LSAT again and have 5 fresh, unused preptests that I never got around to taking during my preparation. I have

Preptest 80
Preptest 73
Preptest 78
Preptest 69
Preptest 74

Preptests 69,74,78, and 80 are all taken from the "10 actual books" (I just rip them out of the book but are still glued together and paperclipped together) Preptest 73 is stand-alone, the nice kind with the colored cover and everything.

Not trying to get rich, just don't want to throw these things away. Pm me and we can work out details.

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