Taking the LSAT at 16 years of age

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Re: Taking the LSAT at 16 years of age

Postby Law 202x » Mon Jan 15, 2018 12:15 pm

Blougram wrote:
The LSAT and SAT are aptitude tests ... The ACT is an achievement test.

Interesting. I never thought of that distinction before (even though it is obvious from the initialisms). So, on the aptitude-achievement continuum, where would you put the GRE? If it is more of an achievement test, I might actually study for the math section and re-take. :)

Languages have always come easy to me, but I have no *aptitude* whatsoever for math, so when I scored 170/170 on the verbal but a measly 158 on the quant section on my PT, I figured that that was my unbreakable ceiling, and that studying would do me no good.

The math is highly conceptual. In that regard it's aptitude, but it's not a disadvantage at all to not have had a lot of math. I practically have a second degree in math and I only made a 162 on it. My last math section was at the end of the exam and I got tired toward the end and so a big part of it is time management. Therefore I submit that your score is highly amenable to practice. I'd have no problem retaking it and besting my 164/162/5.0 but seminaries don't care much about the math.

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