Reading Comprehension Problems

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Reading Comprehension Problems

Postby Xipel » Mon Dec 18, 2017 7:09 am

Almost one month out from the test, and I'm still struggling with RC (on the recent 2010+ PTs). The LSAT Trainer helped me go from a -8 avg to a -4 avg for RC, but those last few points are driving me insane. I used to be able to -0 RC sections in earlier tests, but the recent ones feel way harder.

It's not a timing issue. Even when I go back on Blind Review and carefully comb a section, I can't find the part of the passage that's supposed to help me answer my question if the question isn't specifically referring to something. Yet, when I look at the explanation, the sentence that explains it pops out so obviously. I'm just unable to find it while going through. I've been doing 7sage's memory drills and doing extra reading of The Economist on the side, but I still can't seem to pick up those last few points.

Any advice? Should I just try to slow down more? Is it worth picking up the Manhattan or PowerScore RC guides?

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