Anyone here taken Score It Up(Irvine, CA) LSAT prep company?

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Re: Anyone here taken Score It Up(Irvine, CA) LSAT prep company?

Postby mendelssohn » Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:06 pm

I took ScoreItUp and I posted a review earlier in this thread which was a little more nuanced than the wholehearted endorsement found above^. You can also message me if you have questions about the class.


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Re: Anyone here taken Score It Up(Irvine, CA) LSAT prep company?

Postby nutellabunny » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:03 am

deebanger wrote:Do any OC/LA people have any insight into score it up course? i would really appreciate any insight/or comments on the course(positive or negative). Thank you!

I took scoreitup a couple years ago when I was at UCI for undergrad and I really liked the course. Mark's teaching style was really effective. That being said, I also put in a LOT of time outside of class to go through all the practice tests that Mark gave me. I also ordered all the other available practice tests from LSAC. Mark always made time to answer my questions even outside of class, and I really appreciated that. I also found his experience as a lawyer very valuable. He worked at a big firm, medium firm, and now he's at the OC DA's office. He told me about the different experiences he had at those jobs and that has been really helpful to me in figuring out what to do for my legal career.

My LSAT score increased a lot after taking ScoreItUp (in part due to Mark's teaching and in part due to the experience from taking all the available official practice tests). Now I'm a 1L at Harvard Law School. So for me, taking Mark's class really worked out well. How well you do also depends on how much effort you put in and there is always some degree of luck involved on the actual test day. However, picking a good LSAT class is one of the factors that are within your control. I think that taking ScoreItUp would be a good decision.

I wish you the best of luck during your LSAT prep and I hope that what I have said will help you a little bit in deciding how you want to study for the LSAT.
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Re: Anyone here taken Score It Up(Irvine, CA) LSAT prep company?

Postby SturGeee » Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:22 pm

I'm really just going to echo what everyone else has been saying. I used ScoreItUp for LSAT prep a couple of years ago. I liked the idea of a smaller company with a legit instructor. Mark's credentials are a clear indication of the kind of teacher you are getting. Not only was he entertaining and knowledgable but he was really invested in the students, which I think is very unique when you are comparing ScoreItUp to the big name prep courses. And also such a deal comparatively!!!

Obviously how well you do on the LSAT has a lot to do with your dedication and willingness to put in time studying. But having Mark as an instructor certainly makes the process a lot easier. I'm now a 2L at a top law school... so it definitely turned out well for me! Good luck!


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Re: Anyone here taken Score It Up(Irvine, CA) LSAT prep company?

Postby Lysander26 » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:37 pm

Score it up was a simply outstanding LSAT course. My LSAT diagnostic was 159; after completing Score It Up I hit a 175. Mark is a gifted teacher and he kept class fun and engaging with his war stories from his law practice. He is especially talented at disentangling thorny logic problems and helping you do the same on test day. I am very satisfied with the investment that I made in his course and I recommend it to all my law-school-bound friends in southern California.

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