Columbia Class of 2021

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Where are you living (or planning to live)?

Law school housing - Lenfest/Lionsgate
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Law school housing - 115th/116th
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UAH apartments
Off-campus - Morningside Heights/surrounding neighborhoods
Off-campus - farther away
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Columbia Class of 2021

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Key Dates


September–November: Fall recruitment season
September 1: Applicants may begin to submit applications to the J.D. program
September 16: Last LSAT administration date that meets the Early Decision Plan deadline
November 15: Early Decision Plan application deadline


December 2: Last LSAT administration date that meets Columbia Law School’s regular admission deadline
January 1: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms may be submitted to the government, if applying for financial aid
February 15: Regular Decision Plan deadline


March 1: Financial aid application deadline
May 1: Enrollment deposit deadline
May 15: Housing application deadline
June 1: Deferral request deadline
July 15: Transfer/Visiting student application deadline for fall term
Acceptance Rate: 20.8%
Median LSAT: 172
Median Undergraduate GPA: 3.70
Employment Rate of Graduates: 98.2%
Bar Pass Rate: 92.7%

Costs and Budgeting

Tuition: $65,252 per year
Total: $70,660

Helpful Links

J.D. Admissions
Admitted Students Website
Visit Campus (requires login)
Financial Aid (requires login)
Housing (requires login)
Columbia Students Taking Questions Thread

Previous Classes

Class of 2017, Class of 2018, Class of 2019, Class of 2020

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