Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs in LA [Solo]

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Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs in LA [Solo]

Postby LST Radio » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:55 am

I Am The Law is the inaugural podcast produced by Law School Transparency for LST Radio.

Personal Injury (LA): Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs [Solo Practice]

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Oops, the doctor used an infected surgical instrument and now you're sick. If the doctor won't admit to wrongdoing, how do you prove that the tool was not only infected, but caused your illness? Medical malpractice lawyers specialize in this tangle of medical responsibilities, norms, and facts.

In this episode, Louisiana lawyer and Washington University School of Law alumnus Greg Aycock tells us how he transitioned from representing defendants to representing plaintiffs. He left his insurance defense practice on a leap of faith, despite limited cash, to be his own boss at his own firm. Until he can afford to pay for help, Greg spends a lot of his time doing accounting, marketing, and many administrative tasks.

Until Greg gets his medical malpractice practice off the ground, he pays the rent with divorces and child custody work. Family law pays hourly, compared to the speculative and risky contingency fee emblematic of plaintiff work. For either practice, Greg spends considerable time explaining the legal process and law to clients, while keeping them under control so that he can present their best case possible.

This episode is hosted by Mike MS9, a consultant for prospective and current law students.

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Re: Representing Medical Malpractice Plaintiffs in LA [Solo]

Postby jenesaislaw » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:26 pm

Let's bump this up.

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