Important information about the Professionals forum

Special forum where professionals are encouraged to help law school applicants, students, and graduates.
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Important information about the Professionals forum

Postby TLS Moderators » Mon Jul 21, 2014 12:42 pm

The "Free Help and Advice from Professionals" forum is specifically designed to encourage company representatives to utilize their ability to post helpful information on TLS while still preserving the predominant "students helping each other" character of the other TLS forums.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to post and be a part of this forum, but there are some special guidelines to keep in mind when posting.

  • By default, in the Free Help and Advice from Professionals forum, you are not permitted to be critical of company representatives or the companies they represent.
  • By default, in the Free Help and Advice from Professionals forum, your replies to a company's topic are not permitted to mention other companies.
  • An example of an exception to one of the default rules mentioned above is that criticizing a company's service would be permissible in a particular topic if in that topic a company rep asked people to provide both positive and negative feedback about their service.
  • Only verified company representatives are given the ability to start new topics in the Free Help and Advice from Professionals forum. At the following link you can request to be approved and verified as a company representative.
  • In this forum company representatives are given a lot of freedom and flexibility to be as helpful as possible, and they are welcome to post information and links about their products, services, blogs, videos, websites, etc.
  • Due to the commercial potential of topics in the Free Help and Advice from Professionals forum, linking to a company's topic from any of the other TLS forums may be viewed by the moderators as an inappropriate effort to advertise a particular company.
  • Company reps are permitted and encouraged to post in other forums on TLS, but in the other forums the company reps are not given flexibility or freedom to promote their company.
  • In some of the other TLS forums you may see a small number of links to topics located here in the professionals forum. These links are identified with a company's name in bold in front of the link. For example, in the admissions forum you are likely to see a link to the "Spivey Consulting" topic which is located in the professionals forum.

Please understand that TLS does not endorse any of the companies or company representatives, and TLS does not verify any of the information posted by company representatives. The only thing TLS verifies is if a company rep is associated with their company website.

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