New York Bar Application- Confusing Question

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New York Bar Application- Confusing Question

Postby ToastMalone » Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:34 pm

Does anyone have any idea what question 16 is asking about? It cannot possibly be just asking about our employment history, because question 15 is the employment history question, so it would be redundant if question 16 asked the same thing. Is question 16 only asking about businesses that we have founded or been involved with as partners? That's my best guess so far since the subparts seem to suggest that.

Question 16:
"Are you now, or have you ever been, engaged on your own account or with others in any occupation, business enterprise, or profession, (other than law and NOT included in question 15) in the State of New York or elsewhere?

If Yes, give in detail the nature and location thereof and the month and year of the beginning and ending of your engagement in or connection therewith. If any such business was carried on by you in partnership with others, give the names and addresses of all partners and the nature of the business. If the business was carried on by a corporation in which you held any office, state its name, address, nature of the business and your connection with it."

List any action now pending against such firm or corporation and any judgment entered against it during the period of your association with it."

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