Can these situations work in your favor if you have a 2.8/178?

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Can these situations work in your favor if you have a 2.8/178?

Postby lawapplicant2017 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:50 pm

My long story in a nutshell:

I am around 30. Been productive since I graduated from high school and have a consistent work history. I have been a college student for ten years. Out of the ordinary I know. My lsac gpa is 2.8 and my LSAT is 178.

178 is a decent enough LSAT, so I cant expect to change that with a retest. One point wont make a drastic difference. And, the 2.8 absolute or lsac gpa is just BAD I know. I started out with C's, but I have a 4-year upward trend of a 4.0 and have made the President's List 8 terms. I also have many non punitive W's from the beginning years.

All of my life I have had severe anxiety and ocd symptoms. I just found out recently that I have always had Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is the underlying reason for the anxiety and other issues. In other words, for 30 years I have had undiagnosed ADHD.

But, yet I have a 4 year upward trend of 4.0 (given the 2.8 overall) especially since getting diagnosed, and 178 LSAT.

I had a hard time because also I am an only child with older parents who retired when I was in high school. And since I was 19, I have taken care of them ever since my mom is unable to walk (strokes) and my dad has heart related issues. So it was difficult juggling ill parents, having to work full time, and undiagnosed ADHD.

Do you think with a 2.8/178 and the problems above, that I could craft a heck of a personal statement that might make some lower T14's take a chance on me? Are those solid reasons for a rocky college start?


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Re: Can these situations work in your favor if you have a 2.8/178?

Postby sparkytrainer » Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:58 pm

Your cycle will be random. Some might take you with no scholarship, some might not. I would imagine you will get bites from 1-2 of the t13s. Great lsat, but that GPA hurts. A lot. Just apply broadly and see how it plays out

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