Good paying gigs outside law

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Good paying gigs outside law

Postby wannabe_baller » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:59 pm

Law school drop-out here. While I found the study of law very fascinating and thought provoking (I am a huge history / poli sci buff, like to think about philosophical issues, etc), let's face it - employment outcomes for many law grads aren't so rosy and the tuition is way too expensive. I dropped out of law school (part time JD program) because I just couldn't see myself using the JD to increase my earning capacity long-term. One major reason I dropped out - legal employment for lawyers isn't good, both right out of law school, and even in long term. (even after getting experiences working at a firm) This was a major turn off for me.

I had very middling undergrad gpa and majored in Econ. I got a job in back office consulting after college (3rd tier consulting), and some job switches later, ended up in back office finance, doing business intelligence / data analytics. I don't love my job - quite contrary actually. But it pays bills and I have no debt. Making 150k-160k all in right now, with some years of experience.

I recently met some of my brother's college friends, who were going to 2nd tier law schools with big loans, because they didn't know what else to do with their lives. Yeah, these kids were not the math or engineering wizs that graduated from MIT or Harvard. They majored in philosophy, economics, or other random liberal arts majors at average state U's. But I don't think going to law school just because you don't know what else to do is the answer. I've worked 7 years in 3 different jobs now (low end consulting, back office finance, etc) and I've come across many, many idiots who were very mediocre. (myself included, haha!) If these guys can get jobs, so can you, or any of others gunning to attend top tier law schools. I will give some tips: if all else fails in getting the first job out of college, start talking to temp agencies. They will staff you onto some 3rd tier consulting jobs as back office employees or big companies' back office division, as a contract employee. Work there 5-6 months, do a decent job (not too difficult), and you will probably get the full time offer. Get some experience, and bounce for better pay, and repeat. This is actually how many working people have done it. Not everyone went to fancy colleges, majored in hard sciences, and started their careers at Google, Facebook, McKinsey, or Goldman in a front office function. Those are the very tiny minority of all working professionals.

Or you can get a job in sales at a mutual fund or at a hedge fund. The sales guys I've known in finance aren't very sharp... many third tier college grads with bullshit degrees, many of whom can't even do 7th grade level algebra correctly. But many legit mutual funds / hedge funds hire entry level internal call center sales guys at good salary - 60-70k base and commission bonus on top. If you kill it here, you will become a wholesaler and could make a fuck ton of money. (500k and above)

I am not saying young college grads should not go to law school. I actually encourage it, if you do end up going to a top school at the right price. Hell, I am actually in the process of starting my next educational journey: attending a top tier MBA. (I want to get into front office finance, using MBA) But, don't go into law just because you didn't get a decent job offer within 6 months of graduating from college and don't know what else to do. Give it some time, work some bullshit jobs if you have to, get some perspective, and then make an informed decision.

I thought I would chime in (first time posting here in a very long time) because I figured there may be some guys like my brother's college friends, who may not be thinking through things before making very expensive, life altering decisions. Good luck to all.

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