Looking for advice? Maybe some anecdotes if you’ve been in a similar situation

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Looking for advice? Maybe some anecdotes if you’ve been in a similar situation

Postby teez » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:40 pm

Background: Just turned 26, and currently working toward my bachelors degree (economics)

I attended college right out of high school (wasn't sure what I wanted to do). I received an associates, but my GPA was abysmal (to say the least, lol).

After working for a few years, I landed one of those "career" jobs (meaning, to me, a job not in retail or food service). It started to really wear me down because of how much I hated getting up every morning and going to a job that I cared little about (actually still employed there). This led me to the decision to go back to school and receive a bachelors.

I have 2 years left, and I'm on track to graduate with a respectable GPA when it's all said and done (like I said I'm taking it very seriously this time, and I can officially say I am now a "grade grubber" :lol: ).

I do have aspirations to go to law school, not because I think it is some "golden ticket" (current employment stats show it is definitely not), but because it is something I feel like I could feel passionate about, and actually enjoy. I do not have interest in big law (doubt I would be able to get a position in a big law firm after law school even if I tried), but what I do have interest in is mid, or most likely small law (ex. family - what I guess some would call "shit law" - although I find that term pretty degrading). My interest in this area of law is due to some personal experiences which I hold connection with and feel strongly about, whereas "big law" just seems to be same extreme corporate environment I don't particularly like.

I am aware my intended career path doesn't allow for big loans, and I should apply to and hope for the highest ranked cheapest (or free) school I can get into. I know to achieve this, I should shoot for the best GPA I can obtain and maximize my LSAT.

I'm scheduled to graduate when I'm 28, probably won't actually be in law school until I'm 29 or (worst case) 30. It's kind of freaking me out to think about not finishing school until I'm 32 or 33 then being completely fresh in a new job market at that age.

What I'm looking for, I guess, is stories from other who started law school later in life. How did it go for you? How were you able to manage significant other / family / money? How were you treated by classmates and teachers?

Any other opinions from anyone are also encouraged and appreciated.

P.S. I just realized this is a super long winded post, so thank you to anyone who made it this far, lol.


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Re: Looking for advice? Maybe some anecdotes if you’ve been in a similar situation

Postby madlan120 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 12:11 am

I had a pretty similar undergrad experience: started right after high school, fucked around, didn't take it very seriously. I finally got it together, buckled down and graduated at 26, then went to law school straight after that. I'm currently in my second year and I don't think that my age has impacted really anything associated with law school. I think that you get what you put into it, as is with anything in life. Age won't be that significant, though I'm sure it's dependent on where you go to school, aka T14 v. T2. I'm guessing T14 has a lot more straight out of undergrad kids than T2 does. Probably 50% of people in my section were 23/25 1L year, 25% younger, 25% older (over 30). Like I said, I think this depends on 1. T14 v. T2, 2. Geographic location, 3. School. It doesn't matter to teachers so it won't impact your grade at all. I think personally for me, and most likely for you, it will not make a difference and you won't get treated differently.

My issues with me at 26 + law school are all personal (basically it freaks me out that I will be graduating at 30 and just getting a job and blah blah blah) but none of those issues are things that will affect your classes/job unless you let them, because you are in control of it.

I feel like this is rambling on and a bit scattered but I guess my point is that if you are concerned about it being too late, better late than never. Yes, law school is hard but again, it's not harder because you are almost 30 v. 22. It's hard because it just is. And it is important to be aware of your loans v. how am I going to pay for this, but while I can't tell you what kind of law you should practice and what kind of job you should get, I do know that everything isn't set in stone. There is a very good possibility you will leave law school doing something other than what you initially thought you wanted to do. Yes that is scary and nerve racking but it's normal and fine at the same time.

Yes I know this is kind of all over the place but I hope this kind of sort of helped/reassured you. Please feel free to ask me any additional questions, something more specific, dm me, don't hesitate!

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