Clerking right out v. waiting a couple years

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Re: Clerking right out v. waiting a couple years

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Dec 14, 2017 7:17 pm

Op here:

Thanks all.

And yes, that's something I'd love (I think).

I think what makes this hard to analyze is my lack of confidence in ability to predict that any one role will be what I want to do. Hard to make decisions based off of three semesters of classes and 10 weeks in chambers (last summer). This in turn makes it hard to career plan around success in a particular place.

Regardless, much appreciated!

lolwat wrote:
A. Nony Mouse wrote:Yeah, again, I can see reasons why people don’t want to clerk later. I don’t think opportunity cost as Nebby described it is one of them (barring other issues in getting jobs like firm openings). That said, I think it’s also becoming much more common for people to clerk after a couple of years than it used to be.

I think it is, too. I probably also disagreed with Nebby and might have just been trying to point out some other non-Nebby factors that someone should probably think about when considering clerking after a few years. I used to see it more as a transition thing (going from firm to clerkship to govt or something) and it can still make sense as such, but if, for example, OP thinks he'd like to stay at his DC v15 then I think even a better case to be made for clerking up front and then sticking around at the firm.

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