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NYU Transfer Q

Postby trc2024 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:54 pm

For logistical and GPA/Class rank reasons, the only school I really would want to transfer to is NYU. I am right between their 50th and 75th percentiles, so I feel like its not a total longshot.

Unlike a lot of other schools (i think?) NYU doesn't require an LOR from a professor. Specifically, their FAQ says: "Applicants may submit a letter of recommendation from a law school faculty member, but a letter of recommendation is not required to complete an application." So taking that at face value, it doesnt even seem like they strongly encourage you to submit one.

With that in mind - since I'm probably not intending to apply to transfer anywhere else, does it seem like a bad idea to just submit an application without an LOR, and spare myself the awkwardness of asking professors (whom i'd like to use as references in the future if I dont transfer) for an LOR? Or should I still get one just to be safe?



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Re: NYU Transfer Q

Postby MSUN5 » Sat Jun 15, 2019 10:12 pm

I would strongly advise you get at least one LOR from a law professor at your current institution. Of course, I have absolutely nothing to support this piece of advice beyond a particularly strong feeling in the neighborhood of my gut that to apply without at least one would be a serious error. I think this is doubly true if NYU is the only school you're applying to and you're putting all your chips in that basket. Make your app pristine.

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