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T2 to BC/BU

Postby throwaweigh8 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 5:06 pm

Throwaway because my friends know my other username.

After 1L Fall I'm sitting at ~3.5 at my upper-level T2 with an annual COA of 35k (incl. scholarship, tuition, living expenses), which is roughly top 20-25%. I want to work in Boston and I have a good amount of ties there. The school I'm currently attending has decent ties to Boston in its own right but nothing compared to BC/BU. I went elsewhere because my undergrad GPA was so low that my LSAT didn't even matter for those schools. BU offers an early action transfer app that I would be inclined to go after, but I'm wondering whether my ROI would be lost by the 72k/yr COA (x2). Both schools' 509's show that I have a realistic shot, but my school doesn't publish rankings until the end of 1L Spring (Mid-June grade deadline and post Law Review write-on competition). Would it be worth it to risk a more limited OCI at my current school over the Boston schools, and what type of stigma is there for transfer students at OCI as far as employers go?

Goals: Biglaw, then probably leave to government or something similar in the public policy field.

Order of importance: Cost and working in Boston are weighed equally. Everything else is below that.

Lastly, I am looking at this possibility as if I was just enrolling at either from the start, with a 10k/yr scholarship, is this the wrong way to look at it?

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