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In-house employment counsel

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:56 am

I’m a mid level associate at a mid size firm wirh a good reputation, focusing primarily on L&E and general commercial lit (emphasis on employment though). I’m not in a rush to leave like some people I interact with, but as I get older I see my priorities shifting. Each year I care less and less about billing a ton, and my ability to deal with sociopaths is dwindling (I used to just take it from seniors/partners, but I notice myself pushing back and not taking as much crap, which apparently isn’t a good look in the firm world). Anyway, a lingering thought I’ve had for a while is exploring in house opportunities.

I know firms pay more (sometimes substantially so) than in house roles. That said, what generally could a 3-5 year associate expect as an in house lit/L&E counsel in the LA/SF area? Any anecdotal data points? My research hasn’t been very helpful, as numbers vary wildly depending on where I look. Thanks!

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