1L Summer: State Supreme Court internship vs. State AG's Office

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1L Summer: State Supreme Court internship vs. State AG's Office

Postby NonTrad82 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:32 am

Seeking the wisdom of the crowd here (Couldn't find this exact question answered anywhere on TLS).

Which of the following two 1L Summer job offers is "better" and why:

1.) Paid, full-time job with state AG's office, or
2.) Unpaid full-time judicial internship at State Supreme Court.

Here is some more relevant info:
I want to stay in the state; I want to work for state/local gov't (general counsel?) or the courts when I graduate; I am financially able to work w/o pay for the summer; I am trying to consider both near and long term value of these jobs for my skill-set and for my resume.

Anything helps--would love to hear a variety of opinions on this. Thanks!


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Re: 1L Summer: State Supreme Court internship vs. State AG's Office

Postby ExperssioUnius » Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:19 am

The answer is somewhat dependent on (1) what state you are in; (2) whether the judicial internship in the court's general staff office or in chambers; and (3) if the internship is in chambers, whether the judge you'd be interning for has a history of hiring former interns/is respected by his or her other justices. Additionally, whether a clerkship is a realistic goal depends on your school/stats. That all said, all of the above being even, if you are interested in working for the courts or clerking, I'd opt for the internship. The judicial internship may open up doors for a clerkship in ways that the State AG job may not and it will generally enhance your resume for a future state job (either during 2L summer or after law school).

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