LSAC GPA calculation for Pass/Fail Course

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LSAC GPA calculation for Pass/Fail Course

Postby dbwls95 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:44 am

I received a NCR "No credit awarded due to unsatisfactory work" in a foreign language course I took pass/fail my freshman year. If I had passed the course, I would have received CR "Credit awarded, work not given finer evaluation." However, my school considers the NCR as non-punitive, as it does not count it towards my GPA or "attempted credits." The name of the course, the 5 units, and NCR show up on my transcript and is counted towards "enrolled credits" but it is excluded from the "attempted credits" count, as shown below. I ended up retaking a course and getting a B+, which I earned credit for.

According to my transcript, I "enrolled" in 20 credits (one 5 credit course I took as CR/NCR; one 1 credit course that you can only take as CR/NCR-- I passed it; and 14 credits worth of courses which I passed). At the same time, my transcript indicates that I only attempted 15 credits that semester (14 regular credits, and 1 CR/NCR credit). Hence, the 5 units were not included in the "attempted credits" count.

Can someone please provide insight into how the LSAC would calculate my NCRR? Would it count it as a F or 0/4.0 or would it not count it against me?

According to LSAC, "A No Credit grade that does not signify failure and for which no attempt at credit was made (e.g., NC=No Credit/Withdraw, or NC=No Credit Attempted)" is excluded. I'm hoping that it won't count against me since my school considers it non-punitive (not factored into my GPA) although it is technically "failing" and excludes it from "attempted credits."

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