Letters of Recommendation >>> Personal Statement and Resume

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Letters of Recommendation >>> Personal Statement and Resume

Postby whitecollar23 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 5:30 pm

Possibly the biggest misconception regarding law school applications is that for the non-graded portions of your application, you should focus your energies on perfecting your personal statement and resume. That’s false. You should really be ensuring you have pristine letters of recommendation.

Spend time tracking down the professors who know you best.

Don’t accept a letter from a professor who won’t allow your review.

Work with each professor to ensure they write you the best letter possible.

There are numerous articles online on this topic, and from my experience a consultant for several law school applicantions, many professors simply don’t know how to write a good letter.

If you have any questions regarding the process or want me to point you to articles on the topic, feel free to PM me.

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