Alabama vs. Tulane vs. LSU

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Alabama vs. Tulane vs. LSU

Postby LieutenantElmo » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:25 am

Hi all,

I am looking for the TLS Gods to advise me in my life decision.

Here are my offers: Full ride+ to Alabama, 90% at Tulane (with family housing to reduce debt), and full ride to LSU (and I will not be retaking the LSAT).

I want to be able to practice in the Southeast region, but will most likley stay within LA and minimal debt. What suggestions do you have about each school?



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Re: Alabama vs. Tulane vs. LSU

Postby sparkytrainer » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:36 pm

You need to figure out whether you want to work in small law/ local govt in LA or Alabama. If its LA, go to Tulane. If its Alabama, go to Alabama. If you want somewhere with more mobility between locations, then none of these options are good.


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Re: Alabama vs. Tulane vs. LSU

Postby Aqualibrium » Wed Mar 28, 2018 12:57 pm

Bama grad here, and I faced this decision. Alabama is the better ranked school. Based on my comparisons of my experiences at Alabama vs. those of my friends who went to Tulane and LSU, Alabama might also be more attentive and dedicated to working with individual students to help them understand their options and work towards their post graduation goals.

If you're a Louisiana native like me (which appears to be the case), that tie will be sufficient to allow you to tap into the Louisiana markets you're interested in. On top of that, you'll open up opportunities in Alabama. Just based on proximity and reputation, you'll also be in a position to capitalize on potential opportunities in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Florida.

I'd say that if you can get out of Alabama with less debt or similar debt to what you'll see at LSU or Tulane, Alabama is the best option so long as you actually like the campus/school etc. and think it'll be a good fit for you.

YMMV, but I had top 25% to top 33% grades and ended up with two paid 1L summer firm positions in Alabama (one of which was with a top Louisiana firm that offered me employment in either Alabama or New Orleans for 2L summer); a paid position at a top New Orleans firm and another paid position at a top Mid-Atlantic area firm for 2L summer; and post grad employment in the Mid-Atlantic at two top firms. I worked my butt off for the Mid-Atlantic jobs, but the school really pitched in to help me accomplish that when they saw that I was putting in the work to help myself get there. Also, Football.

Feel free to PM me if you've got additional questions.

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Re: Alabama vs. Tulane vs. LSU

Postby totesTheGoat » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:30 pm

This is just anecdotal, but I've worked with a couple of Alabama grads (in markets outside of the immediate area), but neither of Tulane or LSU grads.

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