Addressing Multiple LSAT Scores

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Addressing Multiple LSAT Scores

Postby lrgb1994 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 1:19 pm

Okay, I am in a unique situation. I have taken the LSAT 3 times: June 2015 - not reported; Feb. 2016 - 139; Feb. 2017 - 145. Obviously, these scores are embarrassing and shows a lack of diligence, commitment and hard-work in terms of properly preparing for the LSAT. However, I couldn't live with the fact that I had taken the test 3 times and failed all three times. So, I've decided to try one more time. I took an LSAT class and have been studying close to 15 hrs a week. I am practice scoring in the low 160's. I plan on taking the test again in Jun. 2018 for fall admission. Although my chances of receiving acceptance will be lowered applying late in the admissions cycle, I feel, for once, prepared to do well on this test. Assuming my practice scores will translate to test day, I should be looking at a score in the high 150s-low 160's. How should I go about explaining this in my addendum. Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: Addressing Multiple LSAT Scores

Postby DKM » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:54 pm

Don't apply for fall admission. You won't get your score until July and then school would start in August. It's not going to happen this year.

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