Maximum LSAT Takes for t4

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Maximum LSAT Takes for t4

Postby cooljoe96 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:18 pm

Hello all,

I'm currently a student at a top 5 UG school with a mid 3.8x GPA and good to very good softs, with good recs. I really want to go to either harvard or columbia, so at this point, the LSAT is all that is holding me back. I took the test in December of 2017 and scored a 165 while feeling a bit under the weather with about a month of heavy studying. I just retook the test and while I obviously do not know my score, I don't think it will be mid/high 170s. I'm practicing at about a 173 average right now, but I'm predicting that I scored between a 167 and 172 on this January test.

That all being said, I plan on taking the test until I score a 173 or 174. For me, this isn't a waste- I've scored that high (and higher) on PTs and would view it as a waste to apply with a significantly lower score. How many retakes is too many for Harvard/Columbia? Would 4 be excessive? I'm planning on taking my third in June.

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