Advice needed! Application hold :(

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Advice needed! Application hold :(

Postby dan9257 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 1:31 am

I signed up for December exam but I already have a score on my file. I asked USC law admissions to review my file with my current score b/c I am not sure if I would actually take the December test. But they replied to me saying they can't review my file as long as I am registered. In order to be reviewed, they said I should cancel my registration and show them the screenshot of my LSAC account page showing no future test.
I am considering to retake in February and I really want the adcom to review my file now because I am 75ths for USC and getting reviewed in March (after Feb score is released) is too late.
What should I tell the adcom in the email? Is it rude to insist reviewing when they already told me they can't?

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