Older/independent applicant but parents willing to pay sticker - question

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Older/independent applicant but parents willing to pay sticker - question

Postby DearJurisprudence » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:30 pm

Here's my situation: I will be an older law student, so my parents' income/assets will not be considered at all if I file the FAFSA. On my income alone, I would likely qualify for need-based aid and possibly need/merit combo scholarships. But here's the thing: my parents value education more than anything, are willing to pay full tuition (I would pay COL expenses) and want to support me in going to the best law school to which I am admitted. I am completely financially independent from them, have been for a decade, and would prefer to not accept their help if I don't have to. But, if it comes down to T30 with scholarship and T14 at sticker, with their blessing and support, I will likely pick the T14 at sticker.

Here's my question: if I did not apply for financial aid, would that potentially increase my chances of admission to certain schools? I've heard on this forum that Vandy in particular likes students that pay full tuition. But, is that implying they prefer applicants that don't apply for financial aid, or does that include students that are taking out loans to pay sticker? Should I disclose my parents' willingness to pay tuition despite not being required to? What's my best approach here?

I'd appreciate any guidance on this! Thanks.

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