156, 161, 163 - Can an LSAT Addendum Hurt?

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156, 161, 163 - Can an LSAT Addendum Hurt?

Postby mdelacruz » Wed Mar 07, 2018 12:53 pm


Could it hurt to submit an addendum with scores of 156, 161, and 163? I was coming off the flu the day of the test. If there's even a slight chance it could help, it seems like submitting one would be the best option. Thoughts? Any downside to this?

I'm applying as a MA URM with 4 yrs WE in banking from a t20 private undergrad. 3.3 GPA, double major. Two solid recs from profs. Applied ED to UVA and blanketed everything on down to WUSTL back in Jan.

Thoughts on how this cycle will turn out for me? Hoping for at least a couple WLs.

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