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The Blueprint

Postby UnderwearModel » Tue Oct 20, 2009 8:16 pm

On December 5th, 2009 I will score a 172 on the LSAT standardized test which can be expected due to my persistence and unparalleled intellectual capabilities. This I know for a fact because at this very moment I have the feeling within myself that I have already received this score and I am deeply grateful.

My faith in this is so strong that I can now envision before myself an email within my GMAIL inbox titled, “YOUR DEC 2009 LSAT SCORE.” I envision myself opening the email at once I see the score of a “172” before my eyes. I have no reason to doubt that this will not happen because it has already happened in the near future for this I am grateful. In my reality scores in the “170’s” come easy and they come frequent. There is plenty of scores like these to go around. I only just have to have the deep desire that is necessary for me to achieve my goal.

I intend to challenge myself tremendously within the time between the test and now. Every recent LSAT exam will be completed and every time I take a test my mind will be sharpened incrementally until every test I take will seem effortless. Not one Logic Game, Logical Reasoning, or Reading Comprehension question will be unsolvable by my mastermind. The reason for this is I am a hustler and nothing can stop my persistence for perfection.

After receiving my score I will apply and receive an acceptance letter from the greatest educational institution within the state of Florida. Not only will the University of Florida grant me acceptance to their law school, but they will give me a full tuition scholarship with a modest living stipend. Upon graduation from this school I will go on to becoming one of the best business law lawyers in the state and later become a business leader within the state. After that I am going after New York…

That is the way it is and that it will forever be…

“I will not lose ever”

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