LSAT in 6 months + BluePrint, Powerscore & the kitchen sink

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LSAT in 6 months + BluePrint, Powerscore & the kitchen sink

Postby flexdago » Sun Apr 25, 2010 1:19 am

We'll see if this turns into an actual blog or just a couple of posts, but anyway, here goes. :D

I intend to take the Oct 2010 LSAT, which is about 6 months from now. I have enrolled in the BluePrint Movie (home/self study) course. In addition, I have copies of the Powerscore bibles (LR, LG and RC), along with a TON of other stuff. I have an ExamKrackers RC guide, a Kaplan mastery course book as well as Kaplan preptest explanations from pt 1 to 50 (I took the course a long time ago and saved this stuff), Powerscore LG Ultimate Setup guide, Powerscore 2004 deconstructed and an LSAT proctor DVD. Also (I nearly forgot), I have a text on informal logic and another on formal logic (which I used in a philosophy class) that I'll probably look over at some point. Anyway, there's no telling what else I may end up using before it's all over. I'll be studying my you know what off with the hope of getting a super high score, so I can go into a great law school, where I'll study my you know what off again, and if I survive, I'll work what's left of my you know what off after law school.

My plan is to complete one BluePrint lesson a week, along with that lesson's homework. While I work through the BP course, I'll study the relevant Powerscore bible chapters that correlate to that particular BP lesson (e.g. – must be true). If I finish a lesson and all the homework as well as a review and redo of the missed homework problems, then I'll move on to another lesson without waiting for the following week. I've studied a lot of the suggestions made in posts on this site and in other places, and I believe reviewing mistakes will be key. My desire is to become so familiar with this test that everything on it becomes second nature, and by doing so, I hope to answer nearly all the questions correctly come test day and achieve the highest score I possibly can. To reach this point, I will review and redo, over and over, via methods like those suggested by Voyager, Pithypike and Stanley Otto Swift (see below for more details).

Stanley Otto Swift

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