UT, UCLA, Alabama, UC Davis

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UT, UCLA, Alabama, UC Davis

Postby ManImCool » Fri Jun 22, 2018 6:22 pm

Been over a year since my last post and I return with a much higher LSAT score, but my goals are the same:

My dream job is to do some sort of soft-IP in-house at a tech company. I understand how exceedingly difficult this will be for someone like me, who doesn't have a STEM background. (Irrelevant to my ability to take the patent bar, but math and science have overwhelmingly been my strengths my entire life.) I'll take any soft IP area that I can get into, whether it's licensing, privacy, copyright, whatever. I also understand my soft-IP dream job generally pulls from Big Law, and that generally requires T14. I previously had my heart set on only working in the SF Bay Area, but I'm a lot more flexible now. I'm willing to work anywhere the tech companies are even if they are outside of the Bay Area. Texas, Colorado, Seattle, wherever. I'll go to where the tech companies are.

Anyway, T14 is going to be a massive reach for me. Right now I have my reach schools set on UCLA and UT, but I emphasize that these are reach schools. Alabama and UC Davis are much more realistic for me. I suppose I have two questions: If I get into any of UCLA/UT, will I at least have a realistic chance of eventually working my way to an in-house job? And if I don't, and Alabama and UC Davis are my only options, which would afford me more realistic options (across the entire US)? In my brain, all I can think of is on one hand, Davis has a closer proximity to the Bay Area and might just have the right connection and fit for me, whereas Alabama is ranked higher and more of a nationally recognized name.


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Re: UT, UCLA, Alabama, UC Davis

Postby futurelawyermike » Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:11 pm

It's definitely possible but make sure to apply early with good scores. If you go to a good school you can definitely work for a IP Biglaw.

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Re: UT, UCLA, Alabama, UC Davis

Postby unsweetened » Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:57 am

Alabama places very well in Alabama and in the surrounding states for graduates with ties to those respective states. Outside of that, I don't think Alabama has much national recognition and places very strongly. T14's are really the only schools with national reach. If that's not going to happen, then the next best option is going to a strong T1 regional in the region that you're targeting.


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Re: UT, UCLA, Alabama, UC Davis

Postby QContinuum » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:52 pm

Of the four schools you list, UT has the best BigLaw placement at 51% BL/Federal Clerk placement for the class of 2017. UCLA clocks in at 44%, Alabama at 32%, and Davis at 20%. In other words, to land BigLaw, you'd probably need to be in the top ~40% at UT, top third at UCLA, top quarter at Alabama, and top 10% at Davis. I wouldn't go to any law school expecting to end up in the top 10% in 1L, so in your shoes I'd rule Davis out. Frankly I'd also rule Alabama out - to my knowledge, there isn't much IP legal work based in the Deep South where Alabama places.

Why not also consider some of the other T20 schools that place well, like Vandy, Gtown, WUSTL and USC? BU and Fordham may also fit your goals.

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