LSU vs Syracuse

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LSU vs Syracuse

Postby htxtoidk » Tue May 15, 2018 9:33 pm

Trying to decide between LSU and Syracuse for this fall. Received significantly larger scholarship at Syracuse than LSU - cost is a wash between the two as a result. Interested in tax law and practicing in a larger city (TX from LSU/DC or NY from Syracuse?) after graduating. Houston native and LSU alum - love both but also interested in trying something new. These schools are very similar on LawSchoolTransparency website. Visited each school and came away with favorable impressions of both, particularly Syracuse, but SUCOL is very much unfamiliar and the unknown can be deceivingly enticing sometimes. Any input or recommendation greatly appreciated.


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Re: LSU vs Syracuse

Postby CanadianWolf » Wed May 16, 2018 2:36 pm

The COA (cost of attendance) for each law school is relevant regarding whether or not an LLM degree in tax from either NYU or Georgetown would be affordable.
Also, do you have an undergraduate degree in accounting or finance ? If so, this can help for for post JD degree job placement without an LLM in Tax Law.
Primary employers for tax law specialists include the Big 4 accounting firms.
I cannot recommend either law school without more information about your undergraduate degree & whether or not you intend to pursue an LLM in Taxation degree after getting your JD.

P.S. Essentially, neither law school places well into the major markets which you have identified. Therefore, you need something more such as relevant work experience in tax, an LLM in Tax, or an undergraduate degree in accounting or finance in order to enhance your chances for getting a tax law position in a major city.

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Re: LSU vs Syracuse

Postby deadpanic » Wed May 16, 2018 7:31 pm

We need the total cost of attendance with tuition and cost of living.

Syracuse if you want to practice in upstate NY. LSU if you want LA or maybe Houston (not a guarantee at all, but will be easier since you are a native).

Personally, I would be totally cautious of going to Syracuse without ties to the region or knowing you want upstate NY. DC is very unlikely. Syracuse is not a national school & DC is a tough - maybe the toughest - market. Not to mention you went to LSU for undergrad and have ties to the surrounding area. Going to law school somewhere new sounds like a fun adventure, but you will be essentially re-locating there for potentially your entire law career. Or, at least, the next decade or so.

If the COA is reasonable, LSU is the most sensible choice.

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