Brooklyn vs UConn vs Miami (FL)

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Brooklyn vs UConn vs Miami (FL)

Postby SoCar2018 » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:53 pm

Hello I would love to hear back with some input in regards to choosing between one of these three schools and the legal markets of NYC, Connecticut, and Miami/ Florida

Brooklyn has offered $39,000 a year so the total COA in tuition would be about $45,000
Uconn has offered 75% off plus in state so it would be about $ 7,500 a year or $22,500 total
Miami has offered $40,000 a year, total COA would be $27,000 after 3 years.

Curious as to how these schools perform in their respective markets. I am not set on going to "Big law" after law school, especially if I choose a cheaper option such as Uconn or Miami. I would be fine with working at a small firm (1-10 attorneys) and making something in the range of $45-60,000 for the first few years after law school, especially if the total cost is low. With that being said I am also curious as to how these schools perform in terms of big law, but I am not dead set on that. Due to scholarships for undergrad and family saving and planning I will not have to take out loans so debt is not a concern for any of these schools, but I am curious as to if the relatively higher cost of Brooklyn is worth it vs these other options. I greatly appreciate any input and best of luck to all other posters and commenters!

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Re: Brooklyn vs UConn vs Miami (FL)

Postby deadpanic » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:37 pm

You didn't factor in cost of living and other expenses for law school, so that is not the true total cost of attendance.

Those are 3 different legal markets. Where do you want to practice?

Are you from South Carolina? Why not USC?

No way Brooklyn is worth that amount. It will get you NYC small law or maybe DA/PD I suppose. But making 45-50ishk/year in NYC is going to be absolutely brutal.

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Re: Brooklyn vs UConn vs Miami (FL)

Postby SoCar2018 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:29 pm

Thank you for the advice! I didn't add in the cost of living because it will be hard to estimate before figuring out exactly what my rent would be, how much gas I would use commuting between campus and where I live, etc. But I do know that the COL in Miami or New York would be significantly higher than Hartford, CT. I realize that they are vastly different legal markets, but I will try to provide a brief explanation as to why I applied and I am seriously considering three distinct markets. I am originally from, and my parents still live, in CT, hence the interest in Uconn law and the in-state tuition eligibility. Brooklyn provides an opportunity to crack the lucrative NYC market while still living close to my family. I went to undergrad at USC (hence username) but am not very interested in continuing to live in Columbia and the legal market in Columbia/ Charleston is not very big. I have a double major in poli sci/ Spanish so that is why I applied to Miami and am intrigued with their scholarship offer and would think that my Spanish B.A. would give me an advantage in that market.

In regards to Brooklyn, I looked at some of their ABA disclosures on LST and their own website, and it seems that about 15-20% of those who find legal employment are able to get biglaw or at least a salary over $80,000 and a significant amount of other grads get jobs in the business sector as well. I know that it is foolish to bank on being in the small percentage of those who get biglaw, but is small law or DA/PD really a bad "worst-case" option (besides unemployment) but only about the bottom 20% remains unemployed.

Again thank you for any advice or constructive criticism!

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Re: Brooklyn vs UConn vs Miami (FL)

Postby CanadianWolf » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:49 pm

UConn or Miami due to low cost. Do you want to live & work in South Florida or in the Northeast US after law school ? UConn is the safest option in terms of cost, job placement & familiarity.

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