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Multiple LSAT

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:29 pm
by tkims808
I have already taken the LSAT 3 times, but I am signed up for my fourth take in July and possibly a final retake in September (which would be the fifth time). I would like to know how top-6 schools would view this (with the exception of Yale). My GPA is about 3.85. But my LSAT isn't up to par. I've rushed to take the LSAT when I wasn't ready, but now that I am getting more practice and more work in, my score is steadily increasing. If I can post a high score, say the fourth time or the fifth time, how would the admissions committee view this?

What would be the score that I need to get to have a chance at Top-10 schools?

Thank you

Re: Multiple LSAT

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:59 pm
by Blueprint LSAT
Common wisdom is that you can and should retake the test until you are happy with your score. When they publish their admissions statistics you will be a 3.85/175 (or whatever) student. They don't have to mention the retakes.

I'm not an admissions officer at a top 6 school so I can't confirm that, but I can say that steadily increasing scores tell me a person is coming to understand the concepts being tested for.

As to what score you will need, admissions indexes are available for a lot of the schools you are talking about. Look at what percentage of people with your GPA got admitted with what scores and you will have a decent idea of what you need to shoot for.